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Lionel Messi Has Taken All the Blame

Lionel Messi Has Taken All the BlameArgentina Has Struggled within their Copa America 2011 Schedule and Lionel Messi has taken All the Blame

I think it is protected to say that everything is not going as planned for Argentina. After two games, they have got yet to notch a win. The good thing is they've yet to look at a loss either, plus they are still quite definitely in contention to advance from group play-they just need to beat Cr within the final bet on group play.

The simple fact of the matter is, it will not matter when they advance or otherwise if Lionel Messi doesn't start playing better.

Messi entered this Copa Ameica widely regarded as the very best player in the world. He's a target scoring machine, but it's beginning seem like that machine only utilizes Barcelona.

During the last several years, Barcelona may be unstoppable. Messi is far and away the team's best player. He is averaging .67 goals a game title, but that stat alone does nothing to discuss his greatness. Messi impacts the overall game on every level.

He creates opportunities for others with his play-making, and his presence about the field commands a lot attention from your defense that other players become the beneficiary of defensive neglect.

Messi continues to be solid for Argentina, and that he remains clearly their finest player. He will not be finding the back of the net like he or she is accustomed to. In 62 appearances for Argentina, Messi has just 17 goals. Many expected Messi to get rid of through on this Copa America, but through two games he's yet to attain a goal.

A primary reason it absolutely was thought Messi would perform better in the Cope America was that Argentina adjusted their attack to cater to Messi. Mauro Rosales, an ancient Argentine Olympian, sheds some light on Argentina's new philosophy:

I believe the coach is setting up a team around him to help you. He is the very best player on the planet and he's are prospering with Barcelona, and i believe the coach wants to take action like how he or she is playing in Barcelona, by players around him like Xavi, [Andres] Iniesta and [Dani] Alves. He desires to put in the field some players who are able to make that really work for him and then try to give Leo an opportunity to be a better player on the national team.

While Argentina coach Sergio Batista has experimented with get the best way to work with Messi, he generally seems to have lost the best way to utilize his team, and the result is it is not benefiting anyone except Argentina's opponents. Batista wanted to use Messi as he can be used with Barcelona, but Argentina has different strengths. These changes tend not to happen overnight.

Jonathan Wilson of touches for this point:

Batista has been doing his far better to retract the comment, when the opening game he said he wanted his team to try out like Barcelona: a 4-3-3 with Messi used being a false nine, dropping deep from his center-forward's position to generate space for your wide forwards to chop in, as well as for players to generate breaks form midfield. This, he had decided, rather than as a classic enganche -- literally "hook" -- between midfield and attack, was the way to get the best away from his best player.

...This stuff, naturally, take time: at Barcelona they are resolved a duration of ten years or so at La Masia; note how it took even David Villa, to arrive to a settled and successful side, four to five months fully to adapt. Batista doesn't need 10 years -- he's got had maybe 3 weeks -- and that existent he is due the sympathy from a national coach inside modern era.

Now it seems like Argentina can be a team without an identity, and they are under-going this on the wrong time. Sergio Batista shifted the main objective of his team onto Lionel Messi to help you Messi succeed, but what he has done is create an uncoordinated mess and after this he and Messi are still to accept heat.

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