Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Klasemen liga super Indonesia

Klasemen Akhir ISL

Klasemen liga super Indonesia
Top Score
Persipura is the best club of all clubs who competed in the ISL. Boaz salosa the top score of Persipura also become the best player to get 200 million acquisition of a total prize of winning a top score of 100 million and 100 million of the best players this season. Boaz salosa also served as team captain in the Persipura is also a major player. I actually also want to be like Boaz in addition to being the best player he also became a top score and replace top scorer last season, the Aldo Bareto. persipu coach of Jackson Thiago has led Persipura to win the ISL 3 times. Persipura goalkeeper star wars time initially conceded the ball first, and Persipura were not to be outdone. until the end of the game finally created two goals in print by Zah Rahan Krangkar.

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