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5 future national team player, Original blood Indonesia!

the best of 5 football player timnas indonesia
This is the best of 5 football player timnas indonesia

1. Hanif Sjahbandi

Hanif Sjahbandi Indonesia is a young player who has felt what it's like the old grass Hanif Sjahbandi Trafford club Manchester united in the law after carrying red and white became champion in the event the AFC U-13 Festival of Football in Malaysia. Hanif Sjahbandi exercise classes held Manchester United in mid-2009.

Hanif, who was born on 7 April 1997, the school participated in a brief that was held at Manchester United Soccer School, Manchester, England. There, Hanif also competed in the arena of World Skills Final.

"Hanif was first set out to Manchester, in July 2009. He was then chosen as the best student and was invited to perform at the World Skills Final in October 2009, "said Tia Aryasyah, Hanif's mother to VIVAnews, Tuesday, February 2, 2010.

2. Eriyanto

Born in Sukabumi, December 3, 1996, ERI successfully brought his team to win the competencies Milan Junior Camp Day Tournament held at the San Siro, Milan.Pada The competition, this 14-year-old earned the Best Captain.

"I have many unforgettable experience! Trained directly by the coach of AC Milan Academy, participated in world-class tournament, watch the match live AC Milan at San Siro Stadium and of course were on the plane for 14 hours non-stop! Also what an honor for me to be able to see AC Milan players are actually in Italy after the game. I hope Milan Junior Camp will continue because I believe there are many talented young people who deserve a chance like me! And always remember us as the first generation of Milan Junior Camp & The All Star Team!. "

3. Irvin Museng

Museng Irvin was born in Makassar, July 16, 1992. He plays as a striker. He was the top score in the Danone Cup U-12 in Lyon, France, 2005 with ten goals is a Genuine Product Makassar. In 2006, Irvin was called to strengthen the Ajax youth team in season 2006-2007. As players from Asia, Irvin get a lot of valuable experience in training at Ajax. Unfortunately, less than one season, his adventures with Ajax has to end.

He can not stay much longer in the land of Windmills, he lived in because visas are not issued by local governments. Irvin finally decided to go back and career in Indonesia, addition Irvin Worried parents with children who are still young career in the Dutch country is too far away. Irvin is currently in the field to strengthen the team's Pro Titan Field.

4. M. Zainal Haq

Mohammed Zainal Haq was born in Sidoarjo, East Java, 5 April 1992. He is a player output SAD Indonesia, the team currently competing in Uruguay, South America. Zainal is one of the players who led the team in East Java Medco Cup champion U-15 2007. He can occupy the position of defender and midfielder. He wore the number 15 back. Now Zainal on borrowed Uruguay Penarol club for one season.

5. Syamsir Alam

Similar to Zainal, who was born Syamsir Balingka, IV Koto, Agam, July 6, 1992 is also the player outputs the SAD Indonesia. Syamsir is a graduate of the U.S. SSB IOP, SSB which was founded by the late Ronny Pattinasarani. Syamsir've followed the World Cup U-11 Danone with FC representing Indonesia Makassar.

He also had time to take the test along with junior teams from Holland, Vitesse Arnhem and Heerenveen, but unfortunately failed. Syamsir worker is a type of striker. in U-17 League Division Quinta 2008 he became top scorer of the team packing SAD Indonesia with 15 goals from 29 games which dilakoninya. Syamsir known to be very close with his coach Cesar Payovich. Now he plays in the Uruguayan club Penarol with Zainal.

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